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June-September 2007 Durango Capital Inc., Vancouver, B.C. Position: Exploration Manager (Contract Position) Photos January 2002-June 2007 Working Outside The Mining Industry

May 1997-January 2002 Self-Employed   Position: Consulting Geochemist   Photos

Assignments included the following:
January 1996-May 1997 Blue Ribbon Resources, Vancouver, BC
Position: Project Manager, Suriname   Photos
Responsible to Company President for the following: December 1994-December 1995 Self-Employed    Position: Consulting Geochemist   Photos
Assignments as follows:
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1995-2001 1984-1990 1979-1983 1973-1979

August-December 1994 Canarc Resource Corp, Vancouver, BC
Position: Chief Geochemist, Guiana Shield   Photos
1993-August 1994 Canarc Resource Corp
Position: Chief Geologist for Suriname (Project Geologist, Nov-Dec 1993)  Photos
1990-1993 Le Groupe Minier SIDAM Inc., Kingston, Jamaica
Attached to Jamaican Geological Survey Division, monitored by Geological Survey of Canada
Position: Project Geologist (Deputized for Project Manager)   Photos
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1995-2001 1990-1994 1979-1983 1973-1979

1989-1990 SA Geochemical Services, Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada

Position: Consulting Geochemist (self-employed) 1984-1989 Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd./ LynnGold Resources Inc., Lynn Lake, Manitoba
Position: Chief Geochemist (Consulting Geochemist, 1981-1983)   Photos 1984 University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
Position: Lecturer (part-time), Fall Semester
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1995-20019 1990-1994 1984-1990 1973-1979

1979-1983 Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Position: Graduate Teaching Assistant (part-time)
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1995-2001 1990-1994 1984-1990 1979-1983

1977-1979 General Mining and Finance Corporation, Johannesburg, South Africa
Position: Field Geologist   Photos 1974-1977 African Selection Trust Exploration, Johannesburg, South Africa
Position: Field Geologist (Student Geologist, June-September 1973)
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