Creation of multiple box-and-whisker plots using Systat 9

Data are lake-sediment analyses for As (Hydride-AAS analysis, 1 gram aliquot, -80 mesh, ball-milled) from Central Baffin Island (Friske et al., 1999).


Step 1

Data option is selected in Systat.

Step 2

Input file is selected (rockbox.txt).


Step 3

Data window opens automatically so data can be viewed and checked (NOTE: “Ag” in the first column refers to a rock unit; “AG”  in the second column refers to an element (silver). All values are percentiles of total data set, previously calculated).

Step 4

The Box Plot option is selected. This could also have been selected using the icon circled in the previous frame.


Step 5

As(1) is selected as the y-axis (number 1 in parentheses indicates initial (1978) analyses by AAS; samples were subsequently reanalyzed by INAA). Unit is selected as the x-axis (dollar sign indicates alphanumeric or “string” variable)

Step 6

Preliminary result. Double-clicking on the image will open the graphics window (next frame).


Step 7

Graphics window. Image can now be saved for future use.

Step 8

File saving options. In this case, a Windows metafile gave the most satisfactory image when imported into MS-Word.

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