Geochemical Symbol: Fe
Typical Detection Limit (Aqua Regia/ICP): 0.01%
Typical Detection Limit (Neutron Activation): 0.02%


Frequency distribution of analytical values invariably complete

Exploration Geochemical Applications
1. As a Pathfinder

Although Fe is enriched in a variety of mineral deposit types, it is rarely used as a pathfinder because of the many masking effects of geological and surficial processes, and the superiority of other readily-analyzed elements

2. As an Aid to Geological Mapping

Indicative of iron-rich source rocks. Very low values may indicate presence of felsic rocks, esp. kaolinized intrusives.

3. As a monitor of surficial processes

In association with Mn, Fe may indicate the effects of co-precipitation in soils and stream or lake sediments, and allow the screening of false anomalies of other elements.

When both strong-acid soluble and total-Fe analyses are available, the ratio of the former to the latter may indicate relative contributions of clastic and chemical dispersion to the sample medium

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