Geochemical Symbol: Cr
Typical Detection Limit (Aqua Regia/ICP): 1 ppm
NOTE: The most common chromium-bearing mineral, chromite, resists strong-acid digestion
Typical Detection Limit (Neutron Activation): 10 ppm


Frequency distribution of analytical values complete in most sample media

Exploration Geochemical Applications
1. As a Pathfinder

Few, other than as a pathfinder for Cr deposits, where it may be difficult to differentiate the response to mineralization from that to the mafic or ultramafic host rocks

2. As an Aid to Geological Mapping

Elevated values indicative of mafic or ultramafic rocks, even in strongly-weathered environments like laterites. This seems to hold true even when Aqua Regia digestion (which is incapable of breaking down chromite) is applied. Very low values in association with elevated values of K, Th, U, REE etc. may indicate presence of felsic rocks, e.g. kaolinized intrusives.

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