Geochemical Symbol: Ca
Typical Detection Limit (Aqua Regia/ICP): 0.01%. NOTE: Many common minerals that host Ca, whether as a primary or trace constituent, are resistant to strong-acid digestion routinely used in commercial geochemical labs. Therefore, digestion is never 100%.
Typical Detection Limit (Neutron Activation): 1%


Variable, though value distribution likely to be truncated (censored) for neutron-activation analysis except in areas underlain by calcareous rocks

Exploration Geochemical Applications
1. As a Pathfinder

None known

2. As an Aid to Geological Mapping

Indicative of calcareous rocks, especially in association with Sr, Mg and Ba. Where Ca and other elements indicate calcareous rocks, and other elements (e.g. REE) indicate felsic intrusives, bedrock geology may be favourable for skarn mineralization

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