Geochemical Symbol: Ba
Typical Detection Limit (Aqua Regia/ICP): 1-10 ppm. NOTE: Most common minerals that host Ba, whether as a primary or trace constituent, are resistant to strong-acid digestion routinely used in commercial geochemical labs.
Typical Detection Limit (Neutron Activation): 100 ppm


Distribution typically complete for ICP; may be truncated (censored) for NA.

Exploration Geochemical Applications
1. As a Pathfinder

In association with Zn, Cd, Pb, anomalous Ba may indicate Sedex or VHMS mineralization (the latter more particularly in Phanerozoic rocks). This seems to hold true even when Aqua Regia digestion (which is ineffective in breaking down barite or feldspar) is applied.

2. As an Aid to Geological Mapping

Elevated values may indicate presence of felsic rocks, especially kaolinized intrusives (in association with K), or calcareous rocks (in association with Ca, Mg, Sr).

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