Abstracts of Papers and Presentations

Go to B.Sc Thesis Abstract: Geological Mapping and Geochemical Sampling in Namaqualand, South Africa (1974)

Go to Ph.D Thesis Abstract: Application of Discriminant Analysis to a Study of Geochemical Dispersion around Massive Sulphide Deposits in Superior Province (1983)

Go to Identification of Diagnostic Alteration Types in the Wallrocks of Archean Volcanic-Exhalative Massive Sulfide Deposits (1983): Stephen D. Amor and Ian Nichol

Go to Evaluation of a Mercury-Vapour Detection System in Base and Precious Metal Exploration, Northern Manitoba (1990): M.A.F. Fedikow and Stephen D. Amor

Go to Evaluation of a Regional Geochemical Anomaly, Back Rio Grande Area, Portland Parish, Jamaica (1993): Stephen D. Amor and Hugh A. Elliston

Go to Temporal Variation in Stream-Sediment Geochemical Data from Jamaica (1994): Robert G. Garrett and Stephen D. Amor

Go to Making the Most of Multi-Element Analytical Data (1998): Stephen D. Amor

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