Multivariate Analysis of Lake-Sediment Data
Granville Lake Map Sheet (NTS 64C), N. Manitoba

The factor whose scores are displayed in the first map is believed to be related to the thickness of glaciolacustrine (Lake Agassiz) clay, and the similarity between this map and the second, which shows the distribution of copper, show that this is the principal control on the element's distribution.

The third map shows that component of the lake sediments' copper content which cannot be explained by this major influence. The features highlighted by the Copper Residuals, as they are called, include the eastern and western portions of the Southern Lynn Lake Greenstone Belt (but not its central portion, and not its northern counterpart) and, in the southwest, the "Transition Zone" between the Sickle System and the Burntwood River Metamorphic Suite, in which numerous copper occurences, of postulated Red-Bed affinity, have been noted.

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